Current Licensed Markets

AOA® Technology

Heart Valves

The research affiliate of BioMed Design, LLC, Biomedical Design, Inc., is focused on research in the field of implantable biological tissue.

Biomedical Design, Inc. has a history of success in tissue heart valves and developed the technology currently known as AOA®, the first successful anti-calcification treatment for heart valve bioprostheses. The anti-calcification technology developed by Drs. Girardot was licensed to Medtronic, Inc.

AOA® is a registered trademark of Medtronic, Inc.

BDLink™/BDSter™ Technology is Available for All Applications including but not limited to the examples below:

• Heart Valves
• Wound Care
• Abdominal and thoracic
• Breast reconstruction
• Chronic Venous Insufficiency
• Oral and Dental
• Ophthalmic
• Other