Improving Implantation Tissue

BioMed Design, LLC and our affiliate company, Biomedical Design, Inc., are innovators in the implantable soft tissue market. Together, we have developed patented methods for the treatment of biological tissue prior to surgical implantation. We developed the technology currently known by the Medtronic service mark AOA® for anti-calcification treatment of tissue heart valves. Our other technologies, BDLink™ and BDSter™, are liquid non-glutaraldehyde tissue preparation processes that are currently used in several therapeutic areas and are applicable for several others.

AOA® is a registered trademark of Medtronic, Inc.

Advantages of BDLink™ and BDSter™

  • Demonstrated safety and efficacy in numerous in vitro and in vivo tests
  • Consistently yields products that are durable, non-toxic, biocompatible, and resistant to calcification
  • Customized degrees of biodegradation and remodeling are achievable through variable manufacturing parameters
  • Market feasibility proven through adoption with existing, commercially available products

We invite you to evaluate BDLink™ and BDSter™ for use in your market.